This Weekend: More Stuff To Do

Not everything in the world, obviously, makes it into the paper. There are two more shows this weekend that caught my eye despite the fullness of the music section. Tonight, you might go see the charmingly monikered The Little Penguins and The Tea Cozies, whose bio, in part, reads as follows:

The three female member of Tea Cozies had been playing together for years before they found someone who was man enough to handle their brand of brit-inspired garage pop. Jeff joined Jessi, Brady and Kelly in December of 2005 and, like Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary pass in Boston College’s 1984 game against Miami, it was a miracle. Well, not a real miracle like curing lepers, but a minor miracle just the same. These Seattle-ites sound like the bastard child of Elastica and Talking Heads, but with their own twist. 75% of the band has seen Dave Matthews Band live, and 25% of the band liked it.

I’d be won over even if both bands hadn’t sent totally charming records. (Can you tell I’m posting in a hurry? Hence the sad lack of elaboration.)

The Little Penguins, The Tea Cozies and The Arithmetic Danger Club (who dropped off their press stuff some time ago in a giant bubble envelope decorated with a drawing of an octopus which, yes, I still have around here somewhere) play tonight at Diablo’s Downtown Lounge. Sorry, kids, that means it’s 21+.

Then, tomorrow night, head out of the house (I know, I know — it’s scary out there!) to see Conrad Ford, a band which gets extra super bonus points for being named after director John Ford and cinematographer Conrad Hall. Also, they have charming record art and stickers. But you should go because the sometimes spare, story-wrapped, big-sky-small-town songwriting is just right for the time of year when you’re delighted that it’s getting warm, but still finding it hard to leave behind the holed-up, hidden-away charms of crisp weather. Or maybe that’s just me. (Also, they do sound a bit like Eels, as a KEXP DJ notes on their bio.)

Conrad Ford plays at … OK, wait. I wrote all this up only to find they’re not listed where they said they were playing. So maybe you should just keep this band in mind for the future…