Fine. Just Take Your Toys and Go … to Oklahoma

You might think I wouldn’t care about the fact that Seattle’s basketball team is leaving. Seattle’s a long drive, for one thing, and for another, my heart belongs to the Pistons (and then to the Suns. Gotta love hippie Canadian NBA stars). But for some reason it still pisses me off that the Sonics (though they won’t be called that anymore) are ditching Seattle. Courtesy of The Stranger‘s Slog comes this beautifully concise response to the team’s owner.

Wave goodbye to Luke Ridnour, kids. Go Ducks and all that.

(Speaking of NBA basketball, which I really only do during the playoffs and draft, I’m still cranky that Portland picked up Kansas’ Brandon Rush and them immediately traded him … for Jerryd Bayless and Ike Diogu? Seriously? OK, then. At least my favorite Duck, Maarty Leunen, got picked up by the Houston Rockets, even if in this story they’re saying he’ll go play overseas first. And, for those who weren’t paying attention the other week during the draft, Phoenix picked up Malik Hairston, then traded rights to him to San Antonio. Much as I like Tim Duncan, I’m can’t possibly be a Spurs fan until Bruce Bowen is elsewhere.)