Kinkel and Cabela’s

After Kip Kinkel shot up Thurston High School a dozen years ago, Springfield never got ongoing funding for more school counselors or better gun laws. But this week, the city got a big new gun store.

Here’s a sampling of what you can buy at Cabela’s:

“Each model is chambered in 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington and has a six-position collapsible stock, chrome-lined 4140 steel barrel, 7075 T6 aluminum receiver, hard-coat black anodized finish and comes with a 30-round magazine,” according to Cabella’s website. A reviewer said he’s shot “well over 1,000 rounds” with the assault rifle. “This gun shoots very smooth and is very accurate.”

If you’re looking for the latest in “home defense” ammunition, Cabella’s offers a wide selection, including:

“Extreme Shock” ammo “was engineered for applications where greater penetration is a must. The EPR has greater terminal success when fired through glass or wood. This round has the ability to penetrate heavy skin and dense bone and then fragment once inside the softer tissue of the target.” The big box store offers the “advanced” ammunition’s “increased terminal success” for as little as $1.45 a pop.