Special Props

Appreciating those living proudly

We’re deep in November, the month of Thanksgiving

A chance to reflect and be thankful for living

It’s good to slow down, settle back, take some time

To express why I’m thankful, then make it all rhyme.

When I put it on paper (well, really a screen)

I can give my thoughts words, I can say what I mean

Expressing my thanks puts a smile in my soul

Now if you’re smiling too, I’ve accomplished my goal.

I know we’re all busy and worried as well

The news isn’t good, we can get mad as hell

At the unabashed greed of that darned 1 percent

So we certainly need to speak out and to vent.

And while we are using our freedom of speech

To make our thoughts known, to complain, and to teach

More people are hearing and speaking out, too

And finding there’s really so much we can do.

Our systems are broken, our world needs repair

And we can contribute to make things more fair

We can free up our minds, think out of the box

We can all get our news from more places than FOX.

The people uprising is good news to me

The great occupations, the will to be free

The long arc of hist’ry, dear Martin once said

Bends clearly toward justice, we’re moving ahead.

The movement is growing, there’s change in the air

There’s hope and there’s vision, and goodwill to spare

There’s progress and beauty, and so I say thanks

And express my desire to re-regulate banks.

When I stop to indulge in this yearly tradition

Of turning my thoughts to my current condition

I can’t help but notice that things, all in all,

Are pretty damned good, which is good to recall.

A few little problems are nothing compared

To this past year of health and the good times I’ve shared

With my dearest of friends and my closest of pals

Especially the gay boys and lesbian gals.

It’s not that my straight friends and loved ones don’t matter

They do and I’m glad for both former and latter

But I give special props to the glorious queers

Who are living life proudly and conquering fears.

Queers in the service aren’t really that scary

And looks like we’re winning the freedom to marry

I’m thankful I get to be part of this change

That makes queerness normal and makes normal strange.

Of course there is suffering, evil and hate

But it helps to remember the things that are great

Like the space and the time in the month of November

To cuddle in close, take some time, and remember.

Award-winning writer Sally Sheklow’s cheerleading for justice and equality has appeared in EW since 1999. Send comments to sally@wymprov.com