Bloody Derby Bouts

Church of Sk8in scorer Jala Pain Yo (44) sneaks through the pack.Photo by Jeff Boerio.

 In a bout marked by blood-splattering hits, a revolving-door penalty box, five ejections, and an appearance by Miss Oregon USA; our hometown men’s roller derby team lost a testosterone-filled event. The Lane County Concussion hosted the Deep Valley Belligerents of Mendocino County, Calif., Jan. 15 at the Willamalane Center in Springfield. The 198-154 score does not accurately represent how close this bout was.

The Concussion started out slow, unable to maintain jammer-stopping walls while getting pummeled by Belligerent blockers. Ten minutes into the bout, jammer Cougar Bait was able to break free to score 22 points giving the Concussion their first lead, 38-28. With the help of 72-year-old blocker Merby Dick, Lane County was able to maintain their advantage for the remainder of the half, taking a tenuous 85-81 lead to the locker room.

The Belligerents stormed back in the second half. Five minutes in, Deep Valley gained a 33-point lead behind three double digit-scoring jams. Still showing some fight, Lane County’s Han Cholo posted 24 points to put Lane County within 9 points with 15 minutes to go in the game. But, stars Cholo and Cougar Bait would soon foul out leaving Lane County short-handed. In the end, Deep Valley proved to be the more resilient team.

Deep Valley’s Mr. Dick led all scorers with 91 points. Cougar Bait and GQ led Lane County with 44 points apiece.

The Emerald City Roller Girls kicked off their fifth season Jan. 28 at the Lane Events Center before a crowd of 2,000-plus. The first bout of the doubleheader pitted Emerald City’s three-time season champion Andromedolls against Portland’s Heartless Heathers. This game was close for about 17 minutes. Then, the Heathers figured out how to neutralize the Dolls’ blocking. Behind scoring by Untamed Shrew, who led all scorers with 46 points, and blocking from former Emerald City skater French Tickler; the Heathers outscored the Dolls 78-6 over the next 20 minutes. Dolls rookie Scariel scored 12 of her team-high 16 points late in the bout, but it was too little too late as the Heathers skated away with a 168-60 victory.

The second bout between Emerald City’s Flat Track Furies and Church of Sk8in was much more exciting. The Furies held a slim lead for most of the first half thanks to the scoring of Terrin Skirtz, who finished with 35 points, and Frankie Facebreaker’s blocking. The Furies went into the half with a 54-44 lead. Ten minutes into the second half, Church was able to take the lead after Betty Aim Fire went on a nine-point scoring run. Church never trailed again. Church Jala Pain Yo turned the night into a nightmare for the Fury scorers finishing with 47 attacks on scorers. Church’s Joy Toy led all scorers with 36 points as Church of Sk8in held on for a 100-87 win.

Catch the Emerald City Roller Girls, along with the men’s Lane County Concussion, at the Big O Feb. 10-12 at the Willamalane Center. Visit for more info.