Eugene Weekly : Coverstory : 10.25.07

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Trap Door


Crack is ruining our community

1. Baggy pants, especially on men
2. Low-rise jeans
3. Leggings

This could all be summed up in a hyphenated “word”: K-Fed. Instead, let us elaborate. Baggy pants not only elicit painful, awkward memories of high school for some of us, but the fact of the matter is crack (as in butt crack) is detrimental to our society. None of us need to see your boxers swallowing your ass. Recently, in Atlanta, a law was introduced to ban sagging, with consequences that include community service and small fines. See, we’re not that bad; we’re just asking for some common courtesy. We propose a collaborative “crackdown” on baggy pants!



1. McMenamins
2. Cornucopia
3. The Glenwood

It surprised us that a few of you felt compelled to tell us that the Trap Door categories were “mean.” Come on, now. Eugeneans like to complain as much as the next person, and besides, with the exception of Worst Politician — a public figure category and, let’s be honest, lots of politicians are problematic — none of these categories pick on an individual person. They’re a place for you to vent with your votes. We’ve heard endless complaints about Eugene’s restaurant service, and we thought we’d see where most of you directed your ire. And lo and behold, McMenamins took the cake. Not just High Street, not just North Bank, not just East 19th Street Café — all of them, as far as we could tell. We’re guessing it’s the slowness that gets to you, as well as the occasional crappy pour or lackadaisical response to requests. Whatever it is, we did debate one thing: Is this a McMenamins hallmark? Are they proud of it? Does it come with the territory? Do we keep going there to have something to bitch about? (Well, we go there for the tots, but whatevs.)



1. Jim Torrey
2. Kitty Piercy
3. Gordon Smith

Jim Torrey’s seemingly endless reign as mayor of Eugene came to an end when he decided not to seek reelection in 2004, and his hand-picked successor Nancy Nathanson lost to Kitty Piercy. Torrey then tried to unseat Sen. Vicki Walker and lost, perhaps ending his political career. He’s now on the school board and mostly out of the public spotlight, but for many Eugeneans Torrey symbolizes an earlier era when Big Timber money ruled and progress was measured not by quality of life, but rather by sprawling industry, highways, new shopping malls, billboards and housing developments. In his defense, he knows how to run a meeting.



1. Dealing with all forms of refuse
2. Food service
3. Police officer

You’ve got our readers’ sympathy, Honey Bucket cleaners, porn store moppers, dorm cleaners, wastewater treatment plant workers, road kill collectors and other doers of jobs that begin with “cleaning up.” What did we think would win this? We’re not sure. Mostly, we looked forward to the creative responses, but a lot of folks were pretty straightfoward: They didn’t want to touch icky stuff. And then there were you few funny goofballs who put “Counting these ballots” for worst job. Worst? No. But we’d be lying if we said we weren’t glad it’s over — for this year, at least!