Eugene Weekly : Fashion : 5.5.11


eugene fashion week

The Club Wear segment of Eugene Fashion Week packed Cowfish on April 29. From hip-hop inspired belted dresses and body and schoolboy suits to spandex, designers Juju Rootz, Gillian Smithline, Tilly Hamacheck, Harlequin, Marcia Lent-Knee and Alli Ditson almost all used upcycled, recycled and/or organic fabrics and materials for their out-on-the town looks. Avant-Garde night on April 30 at Oak Street Speakeasy featured the fashions of Lent-Knee, Kaitlin Coppins, Mitra Chester, Rachel Langford, Shalako Lee, Michelle Mandera, Marjorie Taylor, Rhiannon Dark, UO Costume Collective and Rebecca Fisher, who encouraged Eugeneans to “slip into something more questionable.” Almost every look incorporated leather, feathers and chains.

Spandex Body by Marcia Knee Inglorious BaIsters by UO Costume Collective
Rhi by Rhiannon Dark Rhi by Rhiannon Dark
Tuff Love by Juju Rootz Allihalla by Alli Ditson
Deluxe by Mitra Chester in collaboration with Cynthia Beal from Natural Burial Company Indigo Inspired by Gillian Smithline
Taylor Made by Marjorie Taylor