Eugene Weekly : Music : 11.5.09

November IS Grrrlz Rock month
by Suzi Steffen

Kick it off on Friday with pottery modeled after female genitalia, and you’ll grok some of the essence of Grrrlz Rock! 

DJ Kaatskratch. Photo by Lorri Eidenschink.

For the fourth year of the festival, local music promoter Cindy Ingram has gathered bands, artists, dancers and comedians, mostly of the female persuasion (some grrrly-fanboys and bandmates are allowed as well), into a monthlong Grrrlsplosion. Founded as a way to get women-led bands and women musicians more equal playing time and attention in Eugene’s dudetastic music scene, Grrrlz Rock! has grown into a branching, almost sprawling series of events across the area.

Yes, it does begin at the Eugene Public Library during November’s First Friday Art Walk with an homage to artist Judy Chicago’s famed Dinner Party and a proclamation read by Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy. 

Chicago’s groundbreaking piece honored 39 women in history by using traditionally “feminine” art on a monumental scale. The women are represented by plates resembling external female genitalia. Ingram’s goals are a bit more modest: You’re encouraged, the Grrrlz Rock! website says, to bring your own place settings (drop ’em off at 5 pm) to the event. (We’d like to note that although the site asks for “vagina plates,” the original work and the intent here would actually be depicting vulvas.)

Moving on from the birth canal and women’s pleasure zones to GrrrlzRocktasms: The list of events is long, and you can find it all online at the extensive website. But that’s so old skool, as Ingram says on her own webpage — become a fan of Grrrlz Rock! on Facebook and/or follow them at for a zany mix of amusing, serious and up-to-the-minute postings. Volunteer and snag a VIP pass to get into most music events for free and most other events for a reduced rate. Some highlights of the month:

Sirens of Mothra headline a John Henry’s event with other bands and poetry slammers 10 pm Friday, Nov. 6. 21+ event. $6.

DJ Kaatskratch lays down sweet beats at The District during the Prehistoric Beastz and Beatz Dance Party, kicking off at 11 pm Saturday, Nov. 7. $5; $3 w/costume.

Art After Sex: Pregnancy, Birth and Fertility Art workshop lays the origins of life on the line at Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts (M.E.C.C.A.)’s new building, 2 pm-8 pm Sunday, Nov. 8. $25.

Bailonga Tango Dance Party at the Vet’s Club 8 pm Tuesday, Nov. 10. $4-$7 sliding scale.

Grrrlz Rock! Extravaganzas with more bands than we can count, running for  two days and nights at Cozmic Pizza: 6 pm-11 pm Friday, Nov. 13, and 1 pm-11 pm Saturday, Nov. 14. $6/day.

Pacific Northwest Women’s Comedy Festival at the Wildish Theatre in Springfield, 7 pm Saturday, Nov. 21. $25.

Crooked River, Whopner County Country All-Stars and more at Sam Bond’s at 8 pm Saturday, Nov. 21. $6.

The T-Club with Soloray Fire Tribe and more at the WOW Hall starting with Bajuana Tea at 7 pm Friday, Nov. 27. $6

Girls Aloud Dance Party for All Womyn at Cozmic Pizza 8 pm to midnight Saturday, Nov. 28. $7, $5 w/canned food.

See the rest of the list online, and get ready to sistah-rock the Eug.

Read an interview with Cindy Ingram at