Eugene Weekly : Oregon Bach festival : 6.18.2009


Oregon Bach Festival 2009

It’s the Bach Festival,” people tell me. “I don’t do Bach.” Fine, especially this year, which is lowish on the Bach quotient. For you, the OBF has Savion Glover, tap dancer extraordinaire, teaching your kids about the percussive nature of the body and wowing adults with his unbeliveable artistry. How about Japanese drumming, art exhibitions, a world premiere by a famous Swedish composer? And you know you want to sing along with the OBF musicians on the Hallelujah Chorus or listen to one of the Metropolitan Opera’s stars singing Broadway hits. If you like ballet, the OBF has you covered. If you’re into Shakespeare, the OBF has you covered. If you’d prefer your sounds mixed with a turntable, drinks and a dance floor, the remixed Bach Remix has your back. The Composers Symposium premieres all kinds of new music and hosts late-night jam parties at the Music School. It’s a year with too many themes to count, from anniversaries to collaborations to that old standby, Baroque music — and yes, some Bach. Tickets for major events start as low as $15, with free concerts, lectures and other performances making the OBF accessible to everyone. –— Suzi Steffen


Inside this Issue:

Sing It, Dance It, See It
Music, art and dance in World Harmony

Marking Time at the Laundromat
Pencils, notes and the life of an OBF chorus member

Seriously ‘Unserious’
Bach Remix gets remixed at The District

Tap Into Classical Spirit
Savion Glover dances into the Hult  

Oregon Bach Festival sked & highlights!