Eugene Weekly : Theater : 10.4.07

Opening Nights
King Lear, Night of the Living Dead


King Lear

Opens at LCC’s Performance Hall Thursday, Oct. 4.

The Student Productions Association folks called (a bit late) to tell us that they were excited because this was the first time LCC had hired a professional actor and the first time an SPA show would be in the Performance Hall (aka the main stage). Lear deserves both, of course. While LCC won’t have Sir Ian McKellen for Lear, it will have Equity actor Joe Cronin and an amazing production department, as usual. This most devastating of Shakespeare’s tragedies should serve as an appropriate start to LCC’s winter season.

Show dates are Oct. 4-6, 12-14 & 19-20. Get tix at 463-5761.


Night of the Living Dead

Opens at Corvallis’ Majestic Theatre Friday, Oct. 5.

Um, we know what this one’s about, no? Really, you don’t? OK, well, there’s some probe from Venus with some radiation that brings the flesh-dripping dead peeps back to “life,” and then there’s the people trapped in a farmhouse, turning on each other as the zombies come at them. Fun! And it’s a fundraiser for the Majestic Education fund (see more on that on p. 40).

Show dates are Oct. 5-6 & 11-13, with a special near-midnight showing on Oct. 12. Tix available by calling 738-7469.