Eugene Weekly : Theater : 5.8.08

Opening Nights


Or Not to Be opens at the Lord Leebrick Theatre Friday, May 9

Hamlet so permeates our understanding of lonely poseur boys and of passive girls undone by love that John Schmor, the department chair for UO theater, never wanted to take it on. But zombies and Hamlet? Booyeah. Where those in the Elizabethan era worried about their souls and hellfire, we worry about the degradation of the body, and so we have a rearranged Hamlet that plays with pain and the bloody heart of tragedy. Comedy, tragedy, gorefest, serious look through humor at the near-viral effects of murder — should be quite the evening at the intimate Leebrick. Show dates are May 9-10, 15-18, 22-24 & 29-31 and June 1. Tix at www.lordleebrick.comor 465-1506.


Spin opens at OSU Friday, May 9

John Frohnmayer’s musical comedy about the perils of the NEA and the ways government clashes with art hits the boards at OSU, where David Ogden Stiers steps in to provide some kicks as a right-wing senator trying to destroy arts funding while courageous NEA staffers try to proclaim the importance of art. Show dates are May 8-10 & 15-17. Tix at or 541-737-2784.

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