Eugene Weekly : Theater : 6.2.11


Authentic Glee-Style Grooviness
by Anna Grace

Youre not addicted to Glee, right? You can quit anytime, but why should you? Theres nothing to be ashamed of, just because you rush to your sofa every Tuesday night to watch angst-ridden teenagers belt out show tunes.

Since you’re so secure in your Gleekdom, check out Dont Stop Believin; the production is a benefit concert for Rose Childrens Theater. Rather than thirteen kids, you get 37, all singing their hearts out. The day I stopped by rehearsal, every young soul between the ages of 9 and 18 was totes on. My reactions ranged from “Awww!” to “Wow!” as I witnessed exuberance being honed into skill.

Evynne Hollens, herself an adorable cross between Mr. Schuester and Miss Pillsbury, directs the kids with understanding and respect. Shell interrupt the pulsating bundle of youth to demand perfect articulation and tonal accuracy, following her clipped command with, “Cool? Now you’re really rockin out!”

“I love doing this,” Hollens says of her third consecutive year directing a Glee-style review. “Its important to highlight the talents of these kids.”

They will be rocking your favorites: “Bad Romance,” “Singin in the Rain” (yep, there will be water), “Bust a Move” and, natch, “Dont Stop Believin.” Gleek out.

Glee: Dont Stop Believin plays Friday, June 3, at 8pm and Sunday, June 5, at 2pm at the Wildish Theater; for tickets and info, visit



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