Eugene Weekly : Views : 4.12.07

Natural Resistance:
Part I: Where Land and Water Meet

When we went to Malheur Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon for spring break this year, it was the first time in 20 years. The times before, our two boys were with us; now they have migrated elsewhere. Twenty years ago, a marsh hosted a deafening predawn chorus of birds three minutes from the field station trailers. This year the marsh was eerily dry and silent. [Read More]


Natural Resistance:
She Sails the Willamette
A signature bridge for Eugene?

In early May ODOT will be asking for a community reaction to some bridge-type choices they are suggesting as possible replacements for the I-5 bridge across the Willamette. With an overall budget of $180 million, we have before us the dream of creating a signature bridge at this special Willamette River crossing, where we enter and leave the Willamette Valley or drop down into Eugene-Glenwood-Springfield on the river’s south bank. [Read More]