None Of Your Beeswax

Encaustic painting is an acquired skill that is by no means easy to master. It involves the careful melting and pigment alteration of heated beeswax, which is then applied as a paste. Think of it like painting with a medium far more difficult than acrylic, and then imagine trying to make your creations not look like crocodile crap on a canvas; this, Marianne Clancy has on lock.

“I moved away after living here in the ‘70s,” says Clancy. “Now my daughter is at the University studying and I am ‘home’ again in Eugene.”

Clancy knows Eugene like the back of her hand; she and this town were acquainted long ago, but that doesn’t mean the arts and culture that reign supreme here haven’t continued to inspire her. With a 1985 bachelor’s degree in art from UO, and prestigious recognition as the first-place recipient at the first ever Mayor’s Invitational Photography Show, it’s hardly surprising that Clancy’s encaustic beeswax paintings are not only a delight to look at but also capture a feeling of buoyancy and lightheartedness akin to the sensation we all learn to love after enjoying the warm months in Eugene.

Her style is liquid, almost livening in its fluidity, and this is especially impressive when we consider the terse medium she has decided to explore. With this in mind, though, it’s fairly apparent that Clancy is fearless with wax, and fuel-by-passion seems to be keeping her hand steady and her creativity neat. So if you feel like checking out an installation that’s as unique as it is stylish, then you’ve got the whole summer to stop by Eugene City Bakery and feast your eyes.

Marianne Clancy’s encaustic beeswax paintings will be on display at Eugene City Bakery through Sept. 1.

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