Pollution Update 3-28-2013

Oregon DEQ sent CPM Development Corporation a warning letter March 13 for failure to collect required water quality monitoring data at its Eugene Sand & Gravel facility on Coburg Road along the north bank of the McKenzie River. Failure to collect such data is classified as a serious violation of Oregon environmental law.

The city of Eugene sent both Kendall Auto Group and Kendall Ford letters on March 14 concerning illegal discharges of non-biodegradable soap (Kendall Auto Group), and degreaser and a product called “Incredibly Hot 2” to waters of the state at their Goodpasture Island Road facilities. These violations are classified as significant violations of Oregon environmental law. 

DEQ sent Dean Higginson of Prize Properties a pre-enforcement notice on March 20 concerning a failing septic system at a property on Quarry Road in Springfield, where sewage has been observed discharging to a roadside ditch dating back to at least October. Repeated requests to address this situation by Lane County and the city of Springfield appear to have been ignored. Discharge of sewage in this manner is a serious violation of Oregon law, and poses a substantial threat to both public health and the environment.

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