Night Moves

EW hits the streets to capture Eugene’s fashion-forward after dark.

here, they describe their style in their own words.

Grady Lambert, 23

Family-inspired. This is my dad’s jacket from the ’80s. [His dad fell in love with his mom in this very jacket.]

Malichian Davis Rabinowitz, 26

I steal stuff in the Bay Area. My friend made my shoes. Michael Kors was giving away these jackets at Sundance [Film Festival].

Jason Cronk, 33

I’m English. I’m just a fucking giant white guy; I get my clothes wherever I need to.

Tony Sandiford, 50

Gentleman dancer. Motown smooth.

Jessica Leigh, 24

’80s glam meets Audrey Hepburn. And some grunge.

Amanda LeBlanc, 25

Eclectic decoration. I combine colors to match my aesthetic. [LeBlanc made her wig.]

Cindy Hau, 21

Cheap, trendy, whatever.

Oriane Marie, 24

Mira Hirvonen, 24

Marie — psychedelic Finnish. Hirvonen — whatever feels comfortable.

Ash Boeger, 22

Classy, upbeat street style. Comfortable but it looks good.

Elizabeth Gardiepy, 40

I was a pin-up model for 22 years so …

Serena, Joseph

Carnivalesque, vampiresque, eco-sexual.

Andrew Illinois Sheridan, 24

I try to coordinate my colors. I take it from everywhere — the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.

Photography by Athena Delene /