The Garden of Down-to-Earth Delights

Down to Earth has your late butt covered

OK last-minute shoppers, you have one more weekend to find that perfect gift. And lucky for you, Down to Earth Home, Garden and Gift in downtown Eugene is there to help you out. Duck into this magical haven of kitchenware, gardening supplies and quirky curios, and you’re sure to find not just a last-minute gift but a fantastic one. Try some of these items on for size.

Vodka is a versatile drink that booze companies have decided can come in any flavor: See Pinnacle Vodka’s pumpkin pie, cinnamon roll and pecan pie varieties. Let your giftee try her own hand at flavored vodkas with the Vodka Zinger ($25.99), which allows aspiring bartenders to infuse fruits, veggies, herbs and spices into their favorite vodka. The Zinger is easy to clean and easy to use, perfect for house parties.

Forget those flimsy reusable bags that fall apart while you’re carrying groceries to the car — here’s a handmade basket with a colorful weave and sturdy handles sure to get anyone through every shopping trip, beach run and picnic with ease. Weavers in West Africa use sustainably harvested wild grass to make Bolga Baskets ($48.99), and the basket’s durable construction means it’s ready for many years worth of adventure.

Sushi is great, but it’s also time consuming to make. Enter the Rice Cube ($19.99), a nifty little invention that molds blobs of rice into beautiful, sushi-like cubes. This is a great idea for families with kids — who wants to eat boring old rice when you can have a futuristic rice cube?

Regardless of how you spell it, whiskey is a drink to be enjoyed slowly, with appreciation. Now there’s a glass to match the finery of the drink: the Glencairn Glass ($12.99). With its unique shape and careful sculpting, the Glencairn Glass is the perfect gift for purveyors of this enigmatic alcohol. And for those who don’t drink? Throw in some sparkling cider and call it good.

We all have a neat freak in our lives. And what gift could be more perfect for said neat freak than a politely phrased sign asking guests to remove their shoes before entering the home? It even has a flower on it! Ceramic artist Kate Lally from Ohio designed an elegant sign ($24.99) for every spotless household, and she clearly has an eye for a well-sculpted message.

Down to Earth Home, Garden and Gift, at 532 Olive St., is open 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday and 10 am to 5 pm Sunday. Call 342-6820.