Activist Alert

• A discussion of “White Supremacy, Anti-Semitism and Building a Resilient Community” is 5:45 pm Saturday, May 13, at Temple Beth Israel, 1175 E. 29th Avenue.

• A campaign to divest the city of Eugene from US Bank is gearing up in May as part of a national effort to weaken the fossil fuels industry and “open up more space for climate solutions to flourish,” according to Community Alliance of Lane County. Contact Michael at CALC at 541-485-1755 or visit

• Eugene’s 21-year-old Toxics Right-to-Know Program has announced that data from the 2016 Toxics Reports are now available on the Toxics Program’s website, and in printed form at the Eugene Public Library. The TRK program says the 2016 materials balance reports have been filed electronically by all 35 businesses that are required to report what toxics they are using. The TRK program requires that “businesses meeting certain criteria report their hazardous substance use to the city, that the city make that information public, and that hazardous substance users pay fees as necessary to operate the program.”