Activist Alert

Save the East Grandstand, Winona LaDuke, helping pets and a bystander workshop

• A Hayward Field East Grandstand Public Information Evening facilitated by the East Grandstand Supporters begins 7 pm Thursday, May 31, at Agate Hall, 1787 Agate Street. Speakers are: Peter John Thompson, former IAAF coach; Robert Melnick, UO professor emeritus of landscape architecture; Don Peting, professor emeritus of architecture and historic preservation; and James Tice, UO professor of architecture, with other notable legal, sport and architectural contributors. Follow East Grandstand Supporters on Facebook

• A Bystander/Upstander Workshop is 6 pm Friday, June 1, at The Wesley Center, 2520 Harris Street. “Learn and practice how to intervene when someone is being harassed in a hateful way — without escalating the situation.” The workshop includes lecture, video, demonstration, and role-play practice; attendance is limited. Please register at to reserve a place. Contact Judy Boles, or Phyllis Bobrow, for more info.

Speaker, writer and activist Winona LaDuke will speak at a benefit “in support of indigenous people fighting for sovereignty and against new fossil fuel pipeline development,” according to a 350 Eugene press release. The “Honor the Earth” benefit is 7 pm Saturday, June 2, at the First United Methodist Church, 1376 Olive Street. Suggested donation is $10 to 20. A Q&A session will follow the talk.

Oregon’s Pacific Green Party invites registered Pacific Greens and interested progressives to attend the Oregon Nominations Convention 10 am to 4 pm Sunday, June 3, at Growers’ Market, 454 Willamette Street. Organizers say, “Candidates will be nominated/endorsed and ballot issues discussed/endorsed for the fall 2018 state and national elections.” There will also be a “campaign school” with workshops including “How to Plan a Grassroots Campaign” 10 am to 4 pm Saturday, June 2, at Growers’ Market. Please see for details.

• The Community Veterinary Center is holding a fundraising video contest to raise money to help low-income people get high quality vet care. For an entry fee of $10 (larger donations welcome) pet lovers can submit a 60-second video of their pet for a $150 prize. Contest ends June 30. Contestants can get more info by emailing, or go to