Stop the Presses! We Know Wyden’s Favorite Subway Sandwich

Which 'wich does Sen. Ron Wyden eat?

In Meerah Powell’s Aug. 30 cover story on Sen. Jeff Merkley, EW found out what Subway sandwich he eats: a six-inch Italian BMT, and he washes it down with a Dr. Pepper. These are the kind of answers you get when you invite journalists to meet you at a Subway.

Being the thorough and fair newspaper EW strives to be, we asked Sen. Ron Wyden what his Subway sandwich of choice is while at a press conference on his paper ballot bill (more on that to come).

Hank Stern, Wyden’s press secretary, first said that Wyden is more of a Fred Meyer man. But Wyden, who was remarkably animated from advocating for his Protecting American Votes and Elections bill, interjected that he does in fact love Subway.

“I love their turkey and Swiss with a little mustard, and they have a nice whole-grain roll. I like that,” Wyden says. “I have that a fair amount.”

You’re welcome, Eugene. Can we get Subway to rename those sandwiches after the senators?

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