Newly elected State Rep. Julie Fahey rallies for Planned Parenthood

Best Nonprofit

  1. Planned Parenthood 3579 Franklin Boulevard. 541-344-9411.
  2. FOOD for Lane County 270 W. 8th Avenue. 541-284-1340.
  3. White Bird 341 E. 12th Avenue. 541-342-8255.

In a country where health care has been typically seen as more of a commodity than a human right, we’re extremely lucky to have organizations like Planned Parenthood. And you all seem to agree by voting it the Best Nonprofit in Eugene. Along with providing services like contraceptives, gynecological check-ups and testing for sexually transmitted infections, Planned Parenthood does a lot of outreach and education about sexual health. It’s now especially crucial that we support our local Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon in Glenwood, in light of politics such as statewide Measure 106 aiming to prohibit public dollars from abortion services. “Health care is not a political issue,” Lisa Gardner, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon tells us. Meerah Powell

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