Best Photographer

Athena DelenePhoto by Rob and Tracy Sydor -
  1. Athena Delene
  2. Bob Williams 541-914-8683.
  3. Bradley Cook

Athena Delene’s photography is fun, colorful and beautiful. And she isn’t shy about the eccentricity that comes across in her work.

“I will do and have done everything from weddings, families, aspiring rappers, seniors, yacht parties, Tinder bio headshots, SLUG queens, professional corn dog eaters, grandpas and any kind of business owner with fancy pants,” Delene says of her unique portfolio.

Delene is a full-time professional freelance photographer in Eugene. Full disclosure: She does some photography and social media for Eugene Weekly. She doesn’t just take quirky photos of corn dog eating contests, either: Her website features some pretty well-known faces, from Childish Gambino and Rod Stewart to Carlos Santana. Despite these big names, she keeps her local ties.

“Just a few of my favorite folks locally I’ve been able to work with on a yearly basis are the city of Eugene, Oregon Bach Festival, 20×21, Technology Association of Oregon, Arcimoto, RAIN Eugene and Lane Workforce,” Delene says. “Being able to work with so many different people and companies in town has kept a camera in my hand for almost nine years now.”

Eugene is lucky to have Delene and her skill behind the camera.

“Seeing so many people show up to be in the middle of all the craziness that is Eugene has made my job as a photographer so much more fun and easier every year,” she says.

She seems glad to be here, too.

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