Screenshot from Register Guard YouTube

The RG Finds a Use for Eugene Weekly

In 'how to' video, RG reporter uses EW issue as kindling

When I was younger, I learned a great lesson from The Omega Man, the Charlton Heston-led adaptation of I Am Legend, that nothing cleanses like fire.

Consider Eugene Weekly cleansed once again.

Register-Guard reporter Dylan Darling must’ve learned from alleged white supremacist Jacob Albert Laskey that if you burn a Eugene Weekly and broadcast it on YouTube, you’ll get our attention.

Darling used a copy of EW to light up for a video that offers viewers tips on starting an efficient fire. He used only a few pages — mostly the astrology and the Dan Savage column. Makes us wonder if Darling’s astrological sign is something fire-based.

Of course Darling demonstrated far more politeness than hate — and he only burned a few pages.

And honestly, we’re excited to be a part of your fire-burning routine.

Lastly, I should offer a quick note: Although we have tons of advertisements from pot shops in Eugene, burning our paper does not give you a contact high.

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