Hi Fi Music Hall is Now Sessions Music Hall

Downtown music venue changes name, set to reopen

Since December 2018, popular downtown music spot Hi-Fi Music Hall has been in a state of semi-dormancy, opening only periodically as a venue and bar for certain events, as the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and venue permitting allowed.

Now the venue is set to reopen for good under a new name, Sessions Music Hall, according to a press release.

“After a protracted legal dispute between the original founders,” Danny Kime and Mike Hergenreter, Hi-Fi Music Hall “will continue to operate as a music venue and bar,” the release states, “but will change the business name to Sessions Music Hall, according to current owner Danny Kime.”

According to the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office, Kime is operating Sessions via Dankshaca, LLC.

The release doesn’t give an exact date for the reopening. However, the grand opening date “will be revealed soon,” it says.

Interior renovations are planned as part of the venue rebranding, including the opening of a speakeasy bar in the back end of the building, the release says.

The new venue will also book a full slate of concerts for the venue grand opening, the release continues, “with the goal of offering concert choices at the venue’s two music halls almost every day.”

“We have established new company partnerships to operate the business moving forward,” the release quotes Kime as saying. “I’m excited to close the door on Hi-Fi and open another door to Sessions Music Hall.”

The Hi-Fi Music Hall website now re-directs to SessionsMusicHall.com. Hi-Fi’s former location and the location for Sessions is located at 44 E 7th Avenue in Eugene,