The Pacific Northwest Marathon in Coburg

Fast Times in Coburg

Marathon Offers Fast and Good Times

Did you miss out on the Eugene Marathon but still want to challenge yourself while the weather is good? Check out Pacific Northwest Marathon, which starts in Coburg and ends in Harrisburg. One of the race directors, David Cragun, tells Eugene Weekly that the scenery runners experience has a more rural feel to it. Runners get a chance to see some orchards and farmlands. The race is in September, so the weather in the Willamette Valley starts to cool a bit. If you’re trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon (depending on your age, it varies from 3 hours for 18 to 34 up to 3:35 for those 55 to 59), the Pacific Northwest Marathon is ranked No. 41 for qualifying, according to Cragun says about 20 percent of runners qualify for the Boston Marathon at the race, which is partly because of the cool weather and the somewhat flat elevation. Don’t feel like running or walking? Get out there and ring the cowbell in support of the runners — they need as much cheering as they can get. 

The Pacific Northwest Marathon is Saturday, September 21. Visit for full registration information and race details.