Photo by Rob and Tracy Sydor

Best Cannabis Dispensary 

1. Moss Crossing 2751 Friendly St. 541-636-3724.

2. SpaceBuds The Dispensary 741 Lincoln St. 541-505-9834.

3. Eugene OG 2045 Franklin Blvd. 541-505-7575. 

This year Eugene voted Moss Crossing best dispensary, and as soon as you walk in you understand why. The decorating is comfortable and relaxing, and you are soothed by the music and calm energy of the staff. Along the walls are beautiful manicured plants, local art and an excellent selection of cannabis products. “All glassware is sourced locally,” Manager Jaime Przybyla says. “Supporting local artists and farms is one of our goals.”

Another thing the staff of Moss Crossing takes seriously is waste and pollution. To combat this they have implemented a program that promotes recycling. “Cannabis created a lot of plastic waste, so we have a drop point for containers,” Przybyla says. “If you bring in plastic from a cannabis product we donate $.25 to one of three of our outreach projects. One of which is in collaboration with The Last Prisoner Project where we are working to free people incarcerated for cannabis convictions.”

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