Best Local Theater Company 

1. Very Little Theatre 2350 Hilyard St. 541-344-7751.

2. Oregon Contemporary Theatre 194 W. Broadway. 541-465-1506.

3. Actors Cabaret Eugene 996 Willamette. 541-683-4368.

One of the coolest things about Very Little Theatre — which has a lot of cool going for it — is that postwar building. It’s a quonset hut made of wood, and it envelopes you with warmth and friendliness from the moment you enter the hall, and if the sight lines aren’t perfect in the front rows, well, VLT is in the process of fixing that.

But what makes any theater a success is the quality of its work, and VLT shines with the best in town, from serious drama to fast-moving farce to the recent creation of Minority Voices Theatre, which is bringing new energy into local performance.

Like nearly every other live theater company in the country, VLT has been shut down during the pandemic. They still need your support. Keep up with them online and be generous with donations, so we’ll still have live theater in Eugene when the madness ends.

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