Photo courtesy Coburg Pizza Co.

Best Pizza

1. Coburg Pizza Co. 90999 S. Willamette, Coburg, 541-484-6600; 1710 Centennial Blvd., Springfield. 541-484-6600. 

2. Mezza Luna 933 Pearl St. 541-684-8900; 2776 Shadow View, 541-743-2999; 115 S. 5th St., Springfield, 541-653-8661. 

3. Sizzle Pie 910 Willamette, 541-683-7437.

For the second straight year Coburg Pizza tops the list of Lane County’s best pizzas. Coburg’s slogan, “Pizza Reimagined,” is a fitting one. Whether it’s the New York City reuben’s tangy sauerkraut or the smoked salmon covering the wild Alaska salmon bake, Coburg Pizza is bound to please with its dizzying array of toppings. Picky or adventurous, the deep menu provides excellent options for any pizza-lover. Combine the experimental pies with a friendly staff, outdoor patio, and variety of draft beers and there’s the reason readers say Coburg Pizza Company is the best pizza. Mezza Luna’s simple, consistent New York-style slides in as runner up while Sizzle Pie and its late-night charm and easy-breezy by the slice experiences brings up the rear at number three. — Shane Hoffman