Best drag queen - Slutashia. Illustration by Chelsey Lovejoy.

Best Drag queen

1. Slutashia (Sam Thrower)

2. Karress Ann Slaughter (Cornel Hardiman)

3. Lyta Blunt (Deziree Brock)

In a post-pandemic lockdown Eugene drag scene where new performers are popping up left and right, Slutashia has maintained her status as one of the town’s most popular queens. This year’s Best of Eugene award marks Slutashia’s third — after she snagged the title in 2018 and 2020.

Beyond the extravagant looks and makeup that are typical to drag, Slutashia — who goes by Sam Thrower out of drag — is known for her songwriting and live rap numbers. Her persona is strongly influenced by Black artists like Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, she says. 

Slutashia began her career in October 2015, when she dressed up to have fun and “feel [her] sexy fantasy” at a Halloween party. The next year, she did it again. And then she decided to give drag a real shot. 

Although she started off with lip sync performances, Slutashia says she was inspired by drag artists like Adore Delano and Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 to incorporate her own music into her drag. She’s been writing music since middle school. “I wouldn’t say my music was as fierce before,” she says. “Slutashia has brought my music to another lane, another level and given me that confidence to go out and perform like I didn’t before.”

Slutashia has taken that confidence all in stride. She wants to continue to work with new performers, to learn from them and to give them the opportunity “to go on stage and feel that fantasy” and grow their own drag. 

And her title as this year’s Best Drag Queen doesn’t hurt, either. “I just want to represent for queer people of color as much as I can,” she says, “because there’s not a ton of us in Oregon. It’s always an honor to represent Black queer artists.”

Readers can catch the next iteration of Slutashia’s show, Slutty Queens, at Cowfish Dance Club on Nov. 18.

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