Heavy Cream - Best drag king. Photo by Todd Cooper.

Best Drag King 

1. Heavy Cream, Melanie Funke Instagram.com/heavy_creammm.

2. Smash The King Instagram.com/smash_the.king.

3. Edd Zackly, Abigail Instagram.com/eddzackly.

For Heavy Cream, aka Melanie Funke, drag was a world they were enamored by but unsure where they could fit it. “I started seeing a local drag king, Jackley. He was one of the main kings on the scene and just seeing him not only be an amazing performer but also be so funny and goofy, I was like, ‘Yes that’s what I want to do.’”

After that Funke decided to attend drag queen Lyta Blunt’s drag workshop, where Funke could hone in on performance technique and perform a song at the end of the workshop. “After I performed everyone was coming up to me and asking me if I had ever done that before, and I was like no… and they were like, you need to do drag,” Funke says. “To have such a positive response was so important and impactful to come into my light.”

Funke is now a regular performer at Spectrum and an avid member of the drag community. “As of right now, the sky’s the limit for me,” Funke says. “I want to continue growing on this path. I want to travel and do drag across the states.”