Kassandra Lampwick - Best tattoo artist. Photo by Todd Cooper.

Best Tattoo Artist

1. Kassandra Lampwick Wild Rose Tattoo 2849 Oak St. WildRoseTattoo.com/kassandra-lampwick.

2. Katana DeVille Sad Devils Club Tattoo 76 W. Broadway. 541-357-4484. SadDevilsClubTattoo.com.

3. Suzen Tattoozen Whiteaker Tattoo Collective 304 River Rd. 541-255-2734. WhiteakerTattoo.com.

Kassandra Lampwick says she has always considered herself an artist, but by the time she got her third tattoo she knew that tattooing was going to be her “lifelong mistress.” She says, “It made me feel as different on the inside as it did on the outside — and I really loved that.”

Lampwick is now the co-owner, with Sarah Knapp, of Wild Rose, an all-women artists tattoo parlor, where Lampwick brings her colorful realism style to the Eugene’s tattoo scene. When Lampwick and Knapp started Wild Rose in 2021 they set out to create a women-owned tattoo studio that provided a space for clients to feel safe and comfortable. In addition to owning a tattoo parlor, Lampwick also runs a nonprofit called Eugene Bleeds that focuses on ending period poverty in the local community. 

She owes her success to “working really hard at making deep connections with people in the community.” Lampwick says she believes that tattooing someone is a truly sacred ritual. “Many people cry on my table; we have laughter; people are spilling blood on my table and are permanently altering their bodies forever. I help connect people back to their bodies through change and hardship. They get to carry that art with them forever,” she says.

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