Camille Walsh prepares a Scorpion Bowl at The Monkey’s Paw. Photo by Todd Cooper.

Best place to get an alcoholic drink that’s on fire while listening to karaoke

The Monkey’s Paw 420 Main St. Springfield. 541-505-7975.

Thursdays are my favorite day of the week for two reasons: First, it’s really close to Friday and second, Monkey’s Paw karaoke. After four grueling days of reporting and writing local news, what better way to be transported to paradise than by Uber caravaning with my friends to Springfield and drunkenly singing Alanis Morrisette until the karaoke lady tells me to stop shaking the microphone so much? That and a giant bowl of rum that lights on fire are all I need to feel like I am wasting away on a beach in Hawaii. 

The Monkey’s Paw is truly a one of a kind in the Springfield/Eugene area. The purple mood lighting, the plethora of rum and tequila drinks that are actually good and the large community of karaoke singers that populate Thursday nights make this place special. 

“I love getting to pump up the crowd by singing songs that some of the other people at Monkey’s Paw wouldn’t normally hear, like Nicki Minaj,” Karaoke regular Leanna O’Driscoll says. “I just love the vibe.”

If you’re anything like me and have a passion for mai tais and listening to drunk people sing their hearts out, Thursday nights at The Monkey’s Paw will satisfy your fix.