Veronica Mars is My Hero

This is the best thing I’ve read all day. Besides Best of Eugene ballots, I mean:

Kristen Bell to join the cast of Heroes.

I stopped reading beyond the basic news, because I’m spoilerphobic. But suddenly October is just that much better: Veronica on Heroes, just as VMars season three arrives on DVD! (See, I didn’t watch the show when it started, and I’m trying very hard to avoid downloading season three as I want extras and things like that with the DVD set. I resisted this show like crazy, but now I’m a junkie for it. Go figure.)

Other things I’m tracking for fall: Moonlight, which looks like an Angel copy but stars Veronica Mars’ Jason Dohring (oh, Logan!) as a bad boy (as well it should), and Pushing Daisies, because the commercials are neat looking.

But soon I will have cable, and then my resistance will be sorely tested.

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