We interrupt Suzi’s politi-blogging with this totally needless whining: Oh, Ducks. Oh, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks. Way to throw the game away. All those turnovers! Not drawing the fouls! What the hell is going on with Tajuan Porter? Why can’t they shoot threes OR make free throws? What happened to Kamyron Brown that he couldn’t hold on to the ball? Totally unnecessary last-few-minutes commentary after this here jump.

The game’s not even over yet and I am moderately despondent. I mean, there’s less than a minute left. I’m not holding my breath.

On the other hand, MAAAAAAAAARTY. 58-53 with 39 seconds and the boy makes a layup and draws the foul. We started this game with the Leunen show and oh, if I cross my fingers hard enough we might end it with a wining Leunen show … right?

I’ll just keep typing until it’s over. Jeff Pendergraph fouled out. That’s nice. Good for him.


“It’s gonna be a parade of free throws coming up,” sez the announcer. ASU: MISS! MISS! MISS!

(I really don’t like that this game isn’t on TV. It was on ESPN Full Court Blah Blah Pay-Per-View. Couldn’t the bars who have DirecTV or Dish just order it? Wouldn’t they make a bajillion dollars on the two hours?)

Stinkin’ Glasser made both his free throws. This isn’t good. Six point deficit and no bonus. I give. I fold. I concede this game to the goddamn Sun Devils. Fie.

One of the radio announcers started to joke about Aaron Brooks behind He Who We Can’t Name and then named him. Dudes, don’t put a Voldemort-esque curse on the boy and then start talking about him. This is sports – the real of mad superstition and crazy math. C’mon, now.

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