Inside Out

Channel your outdoor energy for these indoor options

Now that the sun is out somewhat more regularly, we have to resist the urge to act like Floridians and take over a beach. And that’s tough because this is the perfect time to spend time outdoors — especially since we live in a city nicknamed TrackTown, and May is National Bike Month. 

But it’s still possible to brave the outdoors and celebrate your local running spots and reclaim bike lanes while traffic is nearly nonexistent, especially if you maintain that six-foot COVID-19 distance. If you’re a fair-weather bike rider, now is the time to inflate your tires and hit the road — and maybe channel some Mad Max vibes to make these apocalyptic times interesting. 

Or if you’re mourning the ongoing trend of canceled races, keep on running anyway. The local running store Run Hub has Instagram challenges that have you do things like snap scenic photos from your usual route to get entered in a weekly raffle for gear and gift cards (check out for more information). 

But if you’re playing it safe and want to play indoors until Gov. Kate Brown ends social distancing measures, Eugene Weekly found some local options for you.

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