86 Speakeasy. Photo by Todd Cooper.

Best bar you won’t know how to get to unless you know how to get there

86 Bar and Restaurant The Gordon Hotel 555 Oak St. 86Speakeasy.com.

Typically, when someone recommends a bar that you might want to check out, the location might be the first thing mentioned. But telling you the address or even exactly where the 86 Bar and Restaurant is located would ruin half the fun in getting there. What we can tell you is the small, dimly lit space is behind a nondescript door marked “janitor’ in the lobby of The Gordon Hotel. Make a reservation on the website ($1, refunded after you arrive), receive a text with a password to give once a button on the side of the door gets pushed and a slot slides open, and you’ve arrived. While there, enjoy what might be Eugene’s largest whiskey selection along with delicious appetizers and a sense of exclusivity that’s truly hard to find.  

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