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Break Science

BAM. Silence. That was the sound of your eardrum breaking because you had your headphones up too loud when you threw on Break Science. The Brooklyn based duo comprises two producers — Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee — who have spent the better parts of their respective careers blasting savage electronica and producing for veteran East Coast acts such as Wu-Tang Clan, among others. Ever been to one of those shows where you’re blinded by glow sticks, your body won’t stop buzzing because the bass is so loud, and you come out so sweaty on the other side you’d think someone threw you into a bucket of saltwater? No? Well now’s your chance. Just don’t stand too close to the speakers; you might end up needing ear surgery.


Break Science and Michal Menert play 9pm, Wednesday, Oct. 10, at WOW Hall; $13 adv., $15 door.