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Music Listings

Please follow these guidelines when submitting events to our calendar.



Axe & Fiddle Rebecca Lomnicky & David Brewer—8:30pm; $10

B&B Lounge Karaoke—9:30pm

Barn Light Karaoke—9pm; n/c

Black Forest Thor Slaughter, Pat Trant, Sam Warentbee, Joshua Isaac Finch, I Kill Cameron—10pm; Acoustic, n/c

The Cooler Karaoke—10pm

Cowfish DJ Sipp—9pm; Hip hop, club rock, n/c

Cozmic Pitchblak Brass Band—9pm; $8

Cush Cafe The Original Music Turnout—7:45pm; Open mic, n/c

El Tapatio Cantina Karaoke—8pm; n/c

Friendly Street Market Grateful Dead Night—5pm; Hippie nostalgia, n/c

Granary Elena Leona Project—8:30pm; Hip hop, $2

Happy Hours Karaoke—8pm

Jersey’s Karaoke—7pm; n/c

Kowloon’s Karaoke under the Stars—10pm; n/c

Luckeys Thursday Night Funk—9:30; Open jam, $2

Mac’s The Traceys—8pm; Blues, acoustic, n/c

Max’s DJ Plays Requests—9pm; n/c

The Old Pad Karaoke—9pm; n/c

Overtime Tavern West Side Blues Jam—8:30pm; Open jam, n/c

Pavilion Park Riffle—6pm; Rock, blues, country, n/c

Reality Kitchen Acoustic Reality—5pm; Open mic, n/c

Restobar Steven McVay—5pm

Route 5 Jackie Jae & Jason Cowsill—6pm; Singer/

songwriter, n/c

Sam Bond’s Sean Wagner & the Ne’er Do Wells—9pm; Album release, $5

Spirits Karaoke w/Shannon—9pm

Territorial Vineyards Etouffee—7pm; n/c

Tiny Tavern Irish Jam—7:30pm; n/c

wandering goat Rotties, Tyranno Tut, Girls Punch Bears—8pm; Indie, n/c

Whiskey River Ranch Hank Shreve Band—6pm; Blues, n/c



5th St. Cornucopia Etoufee—9:30pm; n/c

Agrarian Ales Friday Nights at the Farm—3pm; n/c

Axe & Fiddle Heavy Chevy—9pm; Blues, soul, rock, n/c

Black Forest Best Friends, Jerkagram, Comanche, Lakeview Drive—10pm; n/c

Blairally Arcade Candy Apple Blue—8pm; Yacht rock, $5

The Blind Pig Karaoke w/Jim Jim—9pm

Cowfish Freek-Nite w/Spoctor Shmock/The Audio Schizophrenic & Guests—9pm; Juke, n/c

Cozmic Polecat—9pm; $5

Creswell Coffee The Apo Trio—7pm; Americana, rock, $3

D’s Diner Karaoke—9pm; n/c

Dexter Lake Club Hank Shreve Band—8pm; Rockin’ blues, n/c

Domaine Meriwether Winery Jen Sennett—6pm; n/c

El Tapatio Cantina Karaoke w/KJ Rick—9pm; n/c

embers Most Wanted—9pm; Rock, country, n/c

Granary Nestler & Hawtin—7, n/c; Madrona—10pm; Folk, $3-$5

The Green Room Electric Weekends w/DJ Stephen Rose—9pm; Electro house, dubstep, n/c

Harleys & Horses Karaoke—9pm

Hilton Hotel Aftermath—7pm; Jazz, n/c

The Keg Karaoke—9pm

LaVelle Taproom Peter Giri, Mike Brewer & the Brewketts—6pm; n/c

Level Up DJ food stamp—9pm; Rap, breaks, soul, n/c

Luckeys This Patch of Sky, Love Monster—10pm; Indie, $5

Mac’s The Hi-Tones w/Jeremy Pruitt—8pm; Rock, blues, $5

mcdonald theatre G-Eazy, IamSu!, Jay Ant—8pm; SOLD OUT

oakshire public house Fiddlin’ Big Sue Band—4:30pm; n/c

O Bar & Grill Timothy Patrick Farewell Show—7pm; Acoustic humor, n/c

O’Donnell’s Karaoke—9pm

Off the Waffle Downtown Live music w/The Grassroots Band—6pm, n/c

Old Pad Tommy Hogan Band—8pm; Blues, n/c

Oregon Wine LAB Elizabeth Yandel—6; Folk, n/c

Pizza Research Institute Olem Alves Duo—6:30pm; n/c

Porky’s Palace Karaoke—8pm

Raven A Pub Karaoke—9pm

Route 5 Joe Manis Duo w/Tyler Abbott—6pm; Jazz, n/c

Saginaw Vineyard The Huckleberrys—6pm; Americana, n/c

Sam Bond’s Student Loan, Sneaky Bones, Science—9:30pm; Bluegrass, $6

Sarver Winery Ty Morin Band—6pm; Blues, n/c

Side Bar Karaoke—9pm

Territorial Vineyards Manouche Noir—7pm; n/c

Trackstirs Karaoke—9pm; n/c

wandering goat Mammoth Salmon, Beard of Bees, Weeed, Nun Hunter—7pm; Stoner, n/c

Whiskey River Ranch DJ—9pm; Dance, $5

White Horse Saloon Karaoke—9pm; n/c

Yukon Jack’s Eddie Butler Band—9pm; Rock, dance, n/c



5th St. Cornucopia Inner Limits—9:30pm; n/c

Agrarian Ales Saturday Nights at the Farm—3pm; n/c

Atrium John Jarvie—2pm; Classical guitar, n/c

Axe & Fiddle Nathan Kalish & the Lastcallers, Sam Densmore—8:30pm; Country, singer/songwriter, $5

B&B Lounge Karaoke—9:30pm

Black Forest Rad Ranger—10pm; n/c

Blairally Arcade Animals—7pm; Dance performance, $3

The Cannery Open Mic Night—9pm; Acoustic, n/c

Cozmic Pizza Son Melao—9pm; $10

Cowfish Michael Human—9pm; EDM, top 40, hip hop

Dexter Lake Club DLC Roadhouse Blues Band—8pm; Blues, rock, n/c

Doc’s Pad Evolve Saturdays—9pm; EDM, hip hop, n/c

Duck Inn Karaoke—10pm

El Tapatio Cantina DJ & Dance Music—9pm; n/c

embers Most Wanted—9pm; Rock, country, n/c

Granary Eastern Sunz—10pm; $3-$5

LaVelle Taproom The Brewketts—6:30pm; n/c

Level Up DJ Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation—9pm; ’70s & ’80s rock, heavy metal; n/c

Luckeys Tele Novella—10pm; $5

Mac’s Blue Owens Band—8pm; Blues, $5

Mohawk Tavern Eastman Band—9pm; n/c

Noble Estate Winery Bailee Jordyn—5pm; Singer/

songwriter, n/c

Porky’s Palace Karaoke—8pm

Pour House Karaoke—9pm

Quacker’s Ladies Night & DeeJay—9pm; n/c

Raven A Pub Karaoke—9pm

Route 5 Joanne Broh & Gus Russell—6pm; Jazz, variety, n/c

Sam Bond’s The Deadly Gentlemen, The Old-Time Kozmik Trio—9:30pm; Folkgrass, $12

sarver winery Ken Luker & Steve Arriole—6pm; n/c

Sonny’s Tavern Karaoke—9pm

Springfield VFW Mckenzie Express—7pm; n/c

Sweet Cheeks Winery Miller Brother’s Band—1pm; n/c

Taylor’s Bar & Grille DJ Crown—10:30pm; Hip hop, dance, n/c

Trackstirs Karaoke—9pm; n/c

Tsunami Books Kathy Marshall & Mara Friedman—5pm; CD release, $10-$20

wandering goat Arc ov Light—8pm; Darkwave, n/c

WestEnd Tavern Karaoke—9pm; n/c

Whiskey River Ranch Country Music—9pm; $7

White Horse Saloon Karaoke; Code Red—9pm; n/c



Agate Alley Bistro Karaoke—9pm; n/c

Axe & Fiddle Monocle Band—8:30pm; Indie folk, n/c

Cowfish Just Listen w/DJ Qamron Parq & Guests—9pm; Soul, deep house, n/c

Cush Open Mic & Jam—7pm; Variety, n/c

Dexter Lake Club Jam Night—6pm; Open mic, n/c

Granary Green Mt. Bluegrass Band—6pm; Bluegrass, n/c

Happy Hours Karaoke—7pm

Jazz Station All-Comers Jazz Jam w/Learner Jam—5pm; $3-$5 don.

Luckeys Broadway Revue Burlesque—10pm; $5

Saginaw Vineyard Jen Sennett—1pm; Acoustic folk, blues, pop, n/c

Sam Bond’s Quiet Morning & the Calamity—8:30pm; Alt-country, n/c

Sam’s Open Mic Night—7pm; n/c

Sarver Winery Peter Giri & Lloyd Tolbert—2pm; Acoustic originals, n/c

Springfield VFW Mckenzie Express—7pm; n/c

Sweet Cheeks Winery Deb Cleveland Band—1pm; n/c

Traveler’s Cove Paul Biondi Quartet w/Mike Anderson—6pm; Variety, n/c

Village Green Dave Boch—7pm; Guitar, n/c

The Webfoot Karaoke—9pm



Black Forest Karaoke—9pm

Bugsy’s MondayBug—7pm; Acoustic, n/c

Cowfish Inclusion w/Aaron Jackson & Guests—9pm; House, EDM, n/c

McDonald Theatre Porter Robinson, Giraffage & Lemaitre—8pm; Electronic, $25

Porky’s Palace Karaoke—8pm

Sam Bond’s Bingo—9pm; n/c

Sweet Cheeks Winery Teresa Cunningham—1pm; n/c

Village Green Neil Johnson—7pm; Solo guitar, n/c

wandering goat Murmurs, Black Delaney—7pm; Punk, n/c



5th St. Cornucopia Jesse Meade w/Henry Cooper—9:30pm; n/c

Axe & Fiddle TNT Trivia—8pm; n/c

Bugsy’s Karaoke—8pm

The City iPod Night—6pm; n/c

Cowfish Work-Nite Vibin’ w/Stephen Rose & Derek Trackback & Guests—9pm; House, electro, n/c

Embers Ladies’ Night Dance Party w/DJ Victor—8pm; n/c

The Green Room Karaoke—9pm

Granary Chris Stubs—7pm; Piano, n/c

Goodfella’s Karaoke—9pm; n/c

Hop Valley Tasting Room Blue Grass Jam—7:30pm; n/c

Hot Mama’s Wings Open Mic—8pm; n/c

Level Up Ninkasi Karaoke Night w/KJ B-Ross—9pm; n/c

Luckeys Variety Show w/Sarah B—10pm; $2

Mac’s Roosters Blues Jam—7pm; n/c

The O Bar Karaoke—9:30pm

Sam Bond’s Bluegrass Jam—9pm; n/c

Village Green Neil Johnson—7pm; Solo guitar; n/c

Whiskey River Ranch Karaoke—9pm; n/c



5th St. Cornucopia Karaoke—9pm 

Axe & Fiddle You Knew Me When—8:30pm; Indie duo, n/c

Black Forest Karaoke—9pm

The Blind Pig Karaoke w/Jim Jim—9pm

The Cannery Jeremy Clark Pruitt—7:30pm; Acoustic, n/c

The Cooler Hump Night Trivia w/DR Dumass—7pm; n/c

Cowfish “Hump Night” w/Connor J, Club Bangers—9pm; n/c

Davis Karaoke w/Jared—9pm; n/c

Dexter Lake Club Acoustic Sessions w/Morin, Sorseth & Steve Ibach—7pm; Acoustic, n/c

Goodfella’s Karaoke—9pm; n/c

Granary Mama Jan’s Blues Jam w/Brian Chevalier—8pm; n/c

The Green Room Karaoke—9pm; n/c

Jersey’s Karaoke—8pm 

Luckeys KI & The Architex—10pm; Hip hop, $2

Mac’s Gus Russell & Paul Biondi—6pm; Jazz, variety, n/c

Max’s Lonesome Randall—7pm; Rock & roll historian, n/c

Mulligan’s Open Mic—8:30pm; Variety, n/c

Old Pad Trivia Night—9pm; n/c

Pour House Karaoke—9pm

Sam Bond’s Mark Sexton Band, Edewaard—9pm; $7

The Tap & Growler Will Brown—6pm; Acoustic guitar, n/c

Taylor’s Bar & Grille DJ Crown—10:30pm; Hip hop, top 40, dance, n/c

Tiny Tavern Comedy Night w/Mac Chase—9pm; n/c



(and surrounding areas)


FireWorks Restaurant 

MO Southtown Open Mic—9pm; n/c

Troubadour Music Center

SA Adam Hurt & Beth Williams Hartness—8pm; $10



Calendar Submission Guidelines:

To facilitate organizing our calendar listings, please send your information as text in the body of the email (cal@eugeneweekly.com), and attach only pertinent photos as high resolution jpg files. 

Sending information mixed with images descriptions, formatting and attachments makes locating the information difficult for our calendar writers, please send all information in text, at the top of your message. Label all photos with the name of what is pictured or the event.

At the bottom of the email feel free to add extra information and details in case we can expand on your listing a little.

The closer you are to our listing format, the better the chance of your listing getting in the way you want it!



The calendar lists free events and special events that charge admission. We list workshops under $15. 

The What's Happening Calendar no longer accepts submissions regarding music, please email these in the Nightlife format outlined below.

To list in our calendar: Place the date in the subject line of your message. 

At the top of the message, include briefly and without extra description:

What event, the time, the place. contact info. the cost.

Refer to our online calendar listings for the format. For times, am and pm are always lowercased, and we use & instead of and. 


Some examples are:

Gatherings Eugene Astronomical Society, star party, 7:30pm, College Hill Reservoir, 24th & Lawrence. FREE.

Lectures Brown Bag: “Water Pollution Control Issues in China,” Zhuoni Wanh, 12pm, 103 Gerlinger Hall, UO. 346-1521. FREE.



MUSIC LISTINGS lists music and entertainment events that happen at regular venues.

Place the date in the subject line of your message. 

At the top of the message, include briefly and without extra description:

Your venue and its address

What performer– time; Genre, the cost.

Use & for and. 


Some examples are:

Sam Bond's Alpha Dalia–8; CD release, rock, n/c

Cozmic Pirate Radio–9; Punk, $5