CAHOOTS. Photo by Todd Cooper.

The Best Of Eugene 2020-2021

We’re going to be honest: 2020 has been exhausting. This year has seen a global pandemic, ongoing protests against police brutality and wildfires that ravaged our state. Throughout all this, the community has risen up to help each other out. So here’s our issue that celebrates the businesses, restaurants and people that make the Eugene area so great.

As always, we asked readers what they thought about us. You’re glad that this newspaper can still be free and have an events calendar, but to others that’s not good enough. They think we need to ramp up our reporting to more than once a week. To them, I say visit where we post things like public meeting reporting, breaking news and other stories. (It’s like the deleted scenes feature that is popular with the now archaic DVD format.)

Of course, we wouldn’t be doing a good job if everyone loved us. One “worst” thing about EW is that we’re too liberal (but not left enough for some) and someone isn’t happy with editor Camilla Mortensen’s sarcasm. However, we feel for the one person annoyed that they can’t collage the horoscope because the crossword puzzle is on the other side.

Although everyone should be a Best Of winner, we don’t have enough ink and paper. But what we do have is infinite space on the internet. Head over to (does a Beetlejuice-like figure appear if we say it one more time?) to read about more of the Best Of winners, and to find out who our staff picks are — you know, the things that our staff can’t shut up about. — Henry Houston