Best of Eugene 2022-2023

Death, taxes and Eugene Weekly’s Best Of. Those are three things you can’t avoid in life, no matter how hard you try. And it’s not a Best Of contest unless EW puts itself in the game. 

We always ask for your feedback, and while sometimes we regret that, some of the best things in life are free, and readers say that’s what they like about us. Not only are we free, but we’re local. That means you can get on the phone and speak with someone in the office, whether it’s to buy a classified ad or to pitch a story about America’s new favorite pastime — pickleball.

And readers love our calendar listings, where you can find a variety of Lane County events, including live music, support groups and drag queen shows. Let’s not forget that EW’s past life was as a calendar called What’s Happening, and we’re still honoring our print ancestry every week. 

Then there’s the worst things about EW. We have the usual criticism that we have a liberal bias (sorry, but we caught the illness called liberalism years ago and can’t shake it off). There are quite a few readers who are concerned about our page count. Yes, we’re too thin, and we need more pages. If we had more space, we’d have room to publish more investigative stories and articles about the area’s flourishing arts scene while showing our liberal bias. But that’s one thing we can easily fix if you give us some money (no really — contribute, donate, subscribe at 

In the meantime, keep visiting us at and in those red boxes all over town. Or if you want us in your email mailbox, sign up for our newsletter at 

Remember, our Best Of is a readers’ poll, and to the victors of democracy go the spoils. So don’t blame us — we’re just the messengers.

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